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ServiceMaster Clean of London is a proven commercial cleaning company boasting decades of expertise and satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on providing top quality commercial cleaning services, executed by a team of professionals; from our dedicated and experienced supervisory staff to our trained and supported cleaning experts. We use tested and industry proven equipment and cleaning products.

Environmental compliance and compatibility are guaranteed with our Green Seal Certification. ServiceMaster Clean uses not only environmentally responsible products, but has also developed a patented "Capture and Removal®" high performance cleaning system. 

To ensure efficient communication and quality assurance ServiceMaster Clean employs value-oriented client service representatives who perform regular inspections of your facility to ensure the highest level of clean. We provide on-site log-books to facilitate requests and responses and help desk access via phone and email. 

WSIB and Liability Insurance certificates are available to provide peace of mind, secure on-site safety and fulfill adherence to government requirements at all levels.


As an industry leader in commercial cleaning, ServiceMaster Clean is committed to the ongoing development of innovative cleaning procedures. Whether it‘s using environmentally healthy practices or extending the life of your carpet and other floor surfaces, we understand the power of a clean and healthy work environment. Not only that, but we listen to your unique needs and can provide a wide range of specialty cleaning services.



ServiceMaster Of London, utilizes the most advanced technologies to continually improve our service and our communication with our customers.

Cutting-edge technology means superior service. When home and business owners experience disaster, anxiety naturally runs high and the safety and restoration of their personal items take on extreme importance. We want customers to feel confident about the safety and security of their personal items. That is why we have raised the bar by providing proprietary technology to automate data collection and communications in the field. These standards are unsurpassed in the industry and include training, service protocols, system integration and claim documentation.

TellServiceMaster (Customer satisfaction survey system)


At ServiceMaster Of London, we are committed to being our very best, so we ask you, our customer, to tell us regularly how we are doing.  Our TellServiceMaster system, powered by Listen 360, uses the latest technology to get your feedback on our performance.  The system is designed so that we can review individual customer feedback as well as our overall performance.


ServiceMaster CleanSM has developed proprietary products to gently, but effectively clean your facility‘s carpet, hard-surface floor, upholstery and furniture, ensuring lasting beauty and a professional appearance.

Cleaning for a Healthier Work Environment

We take our commitment to the environment seriously and have developed specific principles and cleaning products to guide us in serving our customers. ServiceMaster Clean Green For® products are designed for minimal environmental impact. They are free of ingredients such as perfumes and VOCs.

Green For® products carry one or more certifications from third party organizations — that is organizations who are in the business of testing and verifying claims made regarding the product.

Green For® products are safe for all occupants in the workplace, including individuals with asthma and chemical hypersensitivity.

Go Green With ServiceMaster Clean

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